Wedding Ideas That Never Go Out Of Style

The Indian beliefs say marriages happen between matches that are made in heaven, who bond through souls for as long as seven lifetimes. Therefore, a match made in heaven deserves a heavenly wedding to celebrate their union. Indian weddings do perfect justice to the thought in all their grandeur and lavishness. It is almost a festival commemorating the coming together of two families. It is a multi-day affair with a lot of colours, music, dance, rituals, food, and guests. The weddings involve millennia-old elaborate ceremonies that reflect important Indian ideologies through a number of rituals. 

The gorgeous attire of the bride

Indian brides have had the most colorful and exquisite dresses throughout history. Be it sarees or lehengas, and the embellishments have never been lesser than too much. Starting from Sabyasachi’s colourful lehenga’s to those intricately worked upon ones of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, brides wear the most ravishing clothes at their weddings.

Moreover, extending up to several days, they also give the bride an opportunity to don the most beautiful outfits. Designers now are adapting modern silhouettes with traditional elaborate embroidery to create the finest pieces of dresses that can be worn. Colours like pastels, peach, champagne, off-white, and grey dominate the field of bridal wear. These are often paired with expensive gold or diamond jewellery to complement the entire look of magnificence. 

A ravishing ambience

The ambience in Indian weddings is a sight to treat your eyes upon. Be it a destination wedding at a beach or a traditional one at a mansion, the colours and lights never fail to awe. Mixed aromas of the delicious dishes cooking, incense sticks, auspicious oils being poured into the holy fire fill up the atmosphere. The colourful lines of yellow and orange flowers and their garlands being made to be offered to guests are there too. They add up to brighten the milieu and give out a soothing scent in the air. Strings of lights, candles, and earthen lamps brighten up the whole place giving it an Indian touch. The decor at Indian weddings never fails to enchant.

Guests: One of the most important parts of weddings

Weddings give as much importance to the guests as the couple getting married in Indian tradition. They are placed at a superior level as guests are believed to be incarnations of the Lord himself. Inviting them with the most creative and lavish invitations and pampering them with the best of facilities is always there.

Entertainment at its best

The tradition is to feed them the tastiest food and wine, keeping them as comfortable as possible is commonplace. This also includes providing the best entertainment through music and dance. Nowadays, people hire their favourite DJs or bands for their guests to dance to the best of tunes. Premium entertainment also ensures celebrating the marriage of the happy couple to the maximum extent so that the witnesses never forget it.

Indian weddings mark very important days in calendars and are therefore carried out with a load of pomp and show. The liveliness, the bling, the fun and frolic festivities celebrating the novel nuptial bonds should be executed in all of its majesties. Present-day weddings are including more modern twists to the traditional rituals. These are followed without cutting off from the heritage-rich roots. This amalgamation of modernity and culture brings about the perfect Indian wedding.