Best entertainment services to keep your guests talking.

“Not just music, we create an atmosphere that draws everybody in.”

The passion for music, entertainment and creativity ties everyone at Absolute Bollywood together to create everlasting memorable events for you. You and your event is our top priority. We have several standard packages that will best suit any budget, along with which we offer tailor entertainment solutions to match your ideas, inspiration and requirements.

We match our entertainment services to all demographics, guests and event. The perfect, all-round solution for your private and corporate events, special occasions weddings and parties. Delivering on your taste for music, and creating an atmosphere which will have your guests raving about your event.

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The best party and events DJ in Sydney

“DJs that tie everybody together with the thread of music, feelings and take to a place which is beyond everyday life, an experience in itself.”

Making your guests “feel” the music, drawing them into a shared set of moods and feelings with every beat of the song. Keeping your guests entertained is the goal and our DJs master the art of enticing everyone in the room with their charming art. Creating a vibe that stays even after the night fades away.

Bringing the audience to the dance floor, with the music that resonates with everyone, song mixes that heighten the dance experience and electronic beats that keep everyone thrilled, that’s what our DJs love and do.

Lighting & Special effects

Transforming your venue to create an unforgettable experience

Lighting & Special Effects Showcase

Not just music, with our lighting and special effects, we create an atmosphere, a vibe, that takes your event to the next level. Experiences that what make an event stand out and make a lasting impression on all your guests. Our AV set-ups use the highest quality equipment and are tailored to your venue and event, things which will make your space magical.

DJ Equipment Hire

Hire the highest quality DJ equipment for private or corporate use. Our team ensures that everything is set up and sounds great. Projection equipment also available. 

  • All equipment tested
  • Both delivery and collection
  • All hours set up and packing
  • On site operators available

Make your event even more lively with projections. Highly affordable and convenient projection available for hire. Along with the sound system and projectors, several different size options of projection screens, LCDs available to match your requirement. Seamlessly play your same day video edits, highlights of the wedding ceremony, live streams, photos and much more.

Prices start at $350 onwards.

Special Effects

Cryo jets & Dry ice

Intense streams of frozen CO2 with an high impact noise to compliment the effect. Traditional dry ice or the more controllable low fog machines for a whimsical effect.


We can design a glowing dance floor, stage lighting and even shoot laser lights across the rooms for that extra lighting effect indulgence that will get your guests astounded and make your event a hit. Add laser lighting, fat beams, dmx controlled moving headlights, follow spotlights and mobile disco balls.


A range of fire or look-alike special effects that give that luminescent glow and a strong attraction appeal at your event. Artificial fire flames, fireworks and many more fire special effects to light up your event.


Single shot confetti streamers with CO2 cannons – hand held or stadium sized. An instant crowd pleaser. Cheers guaranteed. Continuous flow confetti for streaming effect for an extended period of time. Come in various colors, are non-toxic and flameproof. Creating a colourful experience for your audience.

Haze & Fog

From a low-lying fog that creates a cloud-like effect to a soft haze which makes the lights and lasers visible, these will set the for your performance or party in an instant.


Dhol, the drums that add a quirky energetic Indian flavour to any event, a sure way to bring up the energy at any event. Bride or groom entries, mehndi & sangeet, reception or a special touch at the business promo, our dholis create the experience to match the vibe of the event.

  • Experienced dholis to add that Indian flavour to your events
  • On time arrival and energetic performance
  • Synchronise with the vibe of the event and read the room to match the tempo
  • Hassle free booking and execution
  • For private functions and larger events


For a royal wedding or at a special event – our dancers engage and capture the attention of the audience, thrilling them with their performances and talent. Bollywood style performances that everyone thoroughly enjoys, or a peek into the Indian culture with Indian classical styles, even themed dances, audience engagement performances and everything in between.

  • Dancers for Bollywood or Indian dance performances
  • Dancers for wedding sangeet and wedding day performances
  • Corporate events and community function dance performances

Photo + Videography

Beautifully capturing your memories…forever

Our experienced professional photography team will capture the true essence of your occasion, turning them into memories you can cherish forever.

  • Professional Photography with the highest quality equipment
  • Videography for wedding, event, promotions
  • Personal functions, weddings, parties and special occasions
  • Corporate product launch, event, fashion and promotional

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