Interesting/New Indian Wedding Trends We Saw In The Year 2019, In Australia And Around The World

The year 2019 brought about some remarkable changes in Indian wedding planning in Australia. Be it the wedding attire or the food served at receptions, every concept was eye-catching. Various celebrities were seen sporting innovative styles that inspired the masses. We saw some designs which were exhumed from their graves, and some were Avant-Garde. Either way, 2019 was a notable year that saw some tremendous Indian wedding trends in Australia.

2019: The year of vibrant wedding trends

Here is a recap of all the Indian wedding trends in Australia that took the world by storm in 2019:

  1. Bridal Gowns

Indian weddings in Sydney are brimming with tradition. This characteristic reflected in the bridal lehengas of the blushing brides in 2019. The majority of women chose culture over modern concepts. Brides decided to go back to their roots and took inspiration from their mothers and grandmothers. 

Brides were dressed in lehengas that had intricate details and handiwork on them. They manifested their real roots and tradition. 2019 saw a rise in the popularity of zardozi works on clothing and a witty attempt at playing around with fabric juxtaposition. The shades were kept to a minimal, where brides stuck to pastel pinks, silvers, and even grey and champagne.

One can’t really miss out on the designs by Sabyasachi either; they are an evergreen element in Indian weddings.

2. Jewellery in 2019

No outfit is complete without accessories, let alone a bridal outfit! Last year, brides having their Indian weddings in Sydney took it upon themselves to get rid of minimalistic jewellery. The stunning brides were seen adorning large statement pieces this year. These ‘out-there’ accessories complimented their subtle yet traditional bridal outfits.

Regal looking jewels were layered strategically and showed off every bride’s roots. 2019 made sure that all brides accessorized to their best, feeling content about their looks. Yet, mirroring heritage, culture and old-fashion beauty in their appearance. Most brides went for traditional chokers with more refreshing hues. Maang tikas saw a hike in likability as well.

3. Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a reflection of the ceremony one organizes. In 2019, couples went with traditional aesthetics throughout. The invites were not forgotten! People chose floral designs and romantic styles for their invitations. These invitations were an accurate representation of their weddings. With over the top designs and arrangements, wedding invitations in 2019 showed a glimpse of their respected ceremonies in all their glory.

4. Bridal decor

Bridal jewellery was not the only aspect that took a 180-degree turn in 2019. One other feature in Indian wedding trends in Australia that diverted from its origin was the wedding decoration. Gone are the days where all ornamentation is minimum.

This year, wedding planners went all out with the decoration and went ahead to make bold statements! Weddings saw colossal floral arrangements decorating the venue. The use of fabric draping and manipulation of delicate veils also added to the décor. Designers also made use of mirrors to add to the grandeur of the ceremony. Every element screamed royalty, and absolutely no one would have it otherwise. 

5. Wedding favours

Couples did not forget their guests at their wedding. In 2019, guests at Indian weddings in Sydney received thoughtful gifts from their hosts as party favours. In this day and age, where technology soars higher than anything else, gifts mostly included digital accessories. All gifts were thoughtful and were given out, keeping in mind their recipients. Another factor that couples ensured was giving out eco-friendly gifts only.

6. Dancing to the grooving numbers

Another Indian wedding trend that was greatly observed at Indian weddings in Australia in 2019 was the DJ playing dancing numbers to make the ceremony lively and happening. Indian weddings in Sydney are as vibrant and lively as in India. The mehndi and sangeet nights before the weddings had the ultimate DJ (yes, you can look us up here) setting playing entertaining songs to light up the mood.

Indian weddings in Sydney upheld their reputation of being fun and larger than life itself in the year 2019. Weddings are joyful occasions and demand to be celebrated with exceptional zest. This year surely saw eye-catching styles and trends. However, there is more where that came from. It is advised that couples gear up for an exciting ride if they are planning their wedding ceremony in 2020.