What To Expect At A Muslim and Sikh Wedding?

Weddings are a celebration in every sense. Every culture has its key traditions and elements that make it unique from the others. Therefore, even the Muslim and Sikh Indian weddings in Sydney have a lot of different elements associated with them, which set them apart from the others.

Muslim and Sikh culture hold the wedding day as a significant event in the life of the couple. Each ritual commits to celebrating the couple’s commitment to their vows and stepping into a new journey of togetherness. Let’s learn about the unique ways in which Muslims and Sikhs in Australia celebrate the couple’s new beginning!

What to expect at the traditional ceremony?

Indian weddings in Sydney are happening and authentic as they are back in India! In fact, there might be a few things that are done a little differently here. However, every part of the wedding is tied closely to the cultural roots of Muslims and Sikhs.

Rituals performed at the wedding

A Sikh wedding is authentically called Anand Karaj, meaning ‘Blissful Union.’ During the simple ceremony, which takes place in a gurudwara, there are holy hymns sung, after which the bride and the groom circle around the religious book. Finally, the guests at the ceremony bless the couple and present gifts to them. This ceremony is followed by lunch at a different venue. After that, the bride departs from her parent’s house to her husband’s or in-laws’ place.

At a Muslim wedding, the bride and groom essentially sign a marriage contract in front of the guests. This ceremony is called a ‘nikah’ in traditional terms. They are not held in a mosque but at a designated venue for the event. A qazi (holy man) officiates the wedding. Verses from the Quran are read, and in the end, both the bride and groom agree for the commitment. At a Muslim marriage, the gifts are handed off at the beginning of the wedding.

For some of the religious parts of Indian weddings in Sydney, one is expected to sit on the floor and participate in the traditions.

The attire at these bright weddings

It is important to understand that both the cultures hold the day in high esteem and as supremely holy. Hence, all are expected to dress modestly in vibrantly hued outfits. It is highly appreciated if you dress up in ethnic Indian clothing, however, by no means it is mandatory. Inside a mosque and a gurudwara, the guests are expected to remove their shoes and cover their heads at all times as a part of their cultural roots. Indian wedding trends in Australia are never about cutting on the bling! So, find outfits and accessories which are colourful and full of designs and embellishments. For men, a formal suit is considered appropriate for the ceremony.

Delicacies that they indulge in

Be ready to expect a delicious, savoury variety of food. Indian weddings in Sydney are a prime opportunity to gorge on some authentic, delicious desi food. Alcoholic beverages are generally not served, especially at Muslim weddings. They might be acceptable at Sikh weddings.

Entertainment is in full swing!

Muslim and Sikh weddings are extensive, lively events with loads of fun! Groovy music with guests dancing at each available opportunity is how the Indian wedding trends in Australia generally work. Even photography is a detailed affair with experts hired to capture all the special wedding moments. As a guest, you can also expect a lot of pampering and coaxing as both the cultures place guests at high esteem.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself fully! The wedding days in both cultures are certainly full of fun and frolic. Both weddings are culturally deep-rooted in their unique styles. Never miss a chance to attend any of the Indian weddings in Sydney!