Indian Wedding Trends To Expect In 2020

Taking from the epic 2019, weddings in 2020 are going to be exciting and better than ever! Are you wondering why? With the ever-evolving fashion industry, brides and grooms are in for newer designs in the upcoming year for Indian weddings in Sydney & Australia. Inspirations will be taken from the past and will be completely transformed to fit these modern times.

Bride showcased to show Indian Weddings in Sydney and Australia

Apart from bridal attire, jewellery, décor, styles, and the aesthetics of wedding ceremonies are bound to see changes as well. The next year is all about following your instincts and preferences. No one is going to impose their opinions on you! You can set your trends and be the master of your own preferences. However, specific pointers and tips will help you get a better insight into what you can expect in the next year. Indian weddings in Sydney will be grander and more sensational than before.

What to expect in 2020 when it comes to Indian wedding trends in Australia?

There are newer trends brewing up for each different aspect of the wedding! Check them out here.

Bridal dresses

Gear up for 2020! Designers all over the world have been brainstorming for the better half of last year. They are ready to stun you with beautiful and exhilarating designs that will steal every individual’s eye in the room! These designs, though fresh, do not stray from their traditional roots.

Traditional wear with delicate work will be one of the most anticipated Indian wedding trends in Australia. Long flowy lehengas with intricate embroidery will be one of the firsts to hit the market. Designers have ditched the old light designs and have opted for heavy work bridals’ outfits for 2020. These refined designs will see hues of deep red, maroon, and pink. Indian weddings in Sydney will reflect culture and heritage through each outfit.

Floral jewellery

Floral elements are completely in this wedding season, and the popularity of floral elements is expected to rise in 2020. That is, florals will be utilized not just in décor but in jewellery too. Indian brides will be seen adorning beautiful floral jewellery with their heavy bridal outfits.

The floral jewellery complements the outfit of the bride really well. Moreover, it brings out a subtle and elegant look.

Sustainable ceremonies

It is no secret that our environmental situation is deteriorating at an unprecedented pace. And so, we must take all possible steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Wedding ceremonies are no exception to this eco-friendly propaganda. Every decision you make at your wedding in 2020 must be made after considering its environmental impact.

Sustainability is the new trend at Indian weddings in Sydney. From your ceremony itself to the wedding favours, everything in 2020 is going to be eco-friendly.

Wedding decor

Weddings are only as exciting as their décor. The ambience sets the mood for enjoyment, and you must be very considerate about it. In 2020, couples are bound to incline towards over the top floral arrangements for their wedding decoration.

The latest Indian wedding trends in Australia demand the usage of flowers and dramatic lighting. Mirrors, veils, and extraordinary statement lighting fixtures will do the trick in the coming year. To make your wedding ceremony like no other, stay on top of trends and implement these aspects.

The food

Buffets have been all the rage in Indian weddings for decades. This convenient method seemed to do the trick every time. However, with organic produce taking over the world, you must change your techniques as well. Make sure you have the RSVPs in long before the wedding so you can plan your wedding day menu. Indian weddings in Sydney will see experimentation with the foods and delightfully inclusive menus curated for all!


No one likes a dull wedding, and as a host, it is your responsibility to keep your guests entertained. In 2020, you can go with a more subdued approach and have a live band play a list of the top 50 most romantic songs of the century or go full-on with the most happening beats and rock the stage with all your family members and friends. You can also have a separate ceremony as part of your wedding dedicated only to music, dance, and fun. Indian weddings in Sydney will see innovative and personalized ideas when it comes to entertainment. Want some insider tips? Reach us here.

Stay on top of trends and make sure you are aware of the styles around the world in 2020. Indian wedding trends in Australia next year will majorly feature the uniqueness of every couple and creative freedom to decide for yourself.