What is a ‘Baraat’? Four cool Ideas for a happening ‘wedding baraat’ in Sydney.

Baraat is a form of celebratory procession carried out from the groom’s side on his wedding day. While not of a major religious significance, it is a customary tradition considered auspicious in several Indian weddings. 

A lavish celebratory procession that grandly expresses the groom and his family’s excitement for the wedding. 

This tradition has evolved from the earlier days when the groom used to travel to the wedding destination on a mare with his family and friends dancing and celebrating along the way. With time, this tradition has evolved to mark the groom and the family’s happiness and excitement for the wedding. 

Music – in the form of dhols, and many percussion instruments enjoyed with ‘baraat-dancing’ is the main charm of any typical Indian baraat. The baraat culture is carried out throughout India but North Indian ie., Punjabi and Rajputana weddings give it a special importance and is carried out with a lot more zest and vigour. It is a grand affair!

While the customs differ from culture to culture, this is what a typical baraat looks like…

Sehra, the very first tradition is one of tying a ‘sehra’ or veil, or a ‘paghadi’ or turban on groom’s head as he starts out for his wedding. Next comes the ‘sawaari’, ie., the climbing of the groom on his mode of transport – can be a horse, a luxury car, a vintage car, a motorcycle, anything the groom has wished for – and starting the journey to the wedding destination. Being the first among the many rituals of the wedding day, the baraat is especially energetic and loud near the entry of the wedding venue. 

Ideas for a flamboyant ‘wedding baraat’:

1. Dhol players

No baraat is complete without dhol players. Full of pomp, zeal and energy, the wedding dholis add a distinctively Indian flavour of happiness to the baraat. You can have one, a few or many dholis to give the gorgeous tunes to get the friends and family, along with the groom dancing with joy. 

2. Live singers alongside dhol players

Adding to the symphony of the dholis, you can also have live singers that sing your traditional wedding songs along with peppy Bollywood numbers to bring the baraat to life. Music, singing, dancing, tied in with immense enthusiasm, out of this world!

3. Mobile DJs

Love DJ? You can also arrange the mobile DJs that pump up the music throughout your baraat, isn’t that cool? Why not add some classic dhol players to the mobile DJ set up to take it up a notch.

4. Theme baraat

While it is a bit hard to have royally decorated elephants in Australia for your baraat, you can make a great wedding impression with classic vintage cars, prestige cars, motorbikes…you name it. Now imagine this coupled with dancers – Bollywood dancers or Bhangra dancers that give special performances and get all your guests to dance, an incredible ‘baraat’ experience. Create a baraat that matches your personality, style and wedding theme, get everyone involved and see how much fun everyone has at your wedding. 

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